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Coteaux du Layon France
The region's best wine is the Chenin Blanc, which reaches its full expression. In spite of the quality, the prices are low because of its bad reputation.
Districts around the Loire France
There are a total of five VDQS districts around the Loire. They are Châteaumeillant, Valencay, Côtes Roannaises, Saint Pourcain and Côtes d' Auvergne.
Langhorne Creek Australia
Langhorne Creek has a similarly long wine history as McLaren Vale. But today there aren't as many companies as there used to be.
Loupiac & Ste-Croix-du-Mont France
The sweet white wines are similar to those from Barsac und Sauternes.
Saint-Véran France
The wines from this appellation are simple but of good quality. The dry white wines are made the traditional Mâconnais, and should be drunk early.
Sassicaia Italy
This great red wine with enormous concentrated strength and storage ability started as an experiment in the 40's, and won the Cabernet-contest of the magazine Decanter in 1978, and enjoys an excellent reputation.
Umpqua Valley USA
Chardonnay and Riesling are the working wines of this smaller region.
Victoria Australia
Once the largest region of Australia, it was almost entirely ruined in the 19th century by phylloxera vastatrix. Today, its most popular wines are the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Yarra Valley.
Abruzzo, Molise Italy
The wines from Abruzzo aren't well-known, even in Italy. Until 1963 Molise was connected to Abruzzo.
Aconcagua Chile
A popular region for red wine.
Adelaide Australia
Since the 90's this has been one of the top regions. In the hilly hot region the best Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay of Australia.
Adelaide Hills Australia
This region has belonged to the absolute elite since the 1990's. Australia's best Sauvignon Blanc and Chadonnay are produced in the hilly hot region.
Aegean Sea Coastal Region Turkey
Around Izmir the vineyards stretch all the way to the Greek border. The Efes Günesi from Yasgan is one of the good local wines.
Aegean Sear Greece
Known for ages for its sweet Muscat wines, Samos is one of the first appellations. It is, together with the Retsina the most famous wine, and is exported in large amounts.
There are only few wine-growing areas in Africa. The mostly dry climate and widespread deserts made viniculture difficult.
Aguascalientes Mexico
Sangria is produced here, among other things. The largest wine producers are Vinedos San Marcos and Bodegas Brandevin.
Ahr Germany
A small region in the north of Germany. Mostly red wines are grown (75%), the main vines are Late Burgundy, called "Ahrburgunder".
Ajaccio France
This is the most respected Corsican wine. *5% of production concentrates on red wines of a light structure, fresh bitter and, in some cases, a certain storability.
Alabama USA
Alameda USA
Alameda is a sub-region of North Central Coast
Alaska USA
Albana di Romagna Italy
This dry wine's reputation is mostly from myth, and has only recently risen again. It was awarded the DOCG in 1986 and has a clean fruity bouquet.
The wine industry was very successful under Roman rule, but is neglected today. The wines created here are similar to those made in Mecedonia and Montenegro.
Albany Australia
It was common knowledge in the area, that grapes grew well in Albany, but the first commerical vineyard did not appear until 1974.
Alcamo Italy
The Alcamo is a simple full-bodied and dry white wine.
Alella Spain
Alella's wine tradition goes back to the Romans.
Alentejo Portugal
The region formerly known for cork-trees, today produces mostly red wines of dark color and fruity balanced character.
Algarve Portugal
This region known as a tourist's paradise makes red and white wines of high alcohol content with low acidity and some yeasty character.
The vines came from Cartage to Algeria. During the French colonization viniculture was modernized. There are strong simple red wines, and sweet Muscat wines.
Algier Algeria
Wine production in Algier is smaller than that in Oran.
Aligoté de Bouzeron France
The good reputation and fame of this wine is grounded in Aubert de Villaine, a respected and known wine-personality in the Burgundy.
Almansa Spain
Wine production here concentrates on red wines.
Aloxe-Corton France
This community is rather untypical for the Côte de Beaune with 99% red wine production. The red Corton is the strongest, and tannin-richest of the Côte de Beaune.
Alsace France
The German vines are processed the French way. Mostly noble types are used, which gives the wines their character.
Alto Adige Italy
The Romans developed storage in wooden barrels here. The origin of the Traminer vine lies in this region as well, in the small village of Tramin. The reputation is good regionally as well as internationally.
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