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There are only few wine-growing areas in Africa. The mostly dry climate and widespread deserts made viniculture difficult.
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Viniculture in Africa is mostly concentrated to small areas in Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. In some countries the wine is made from plants other than grapes, Wine-production around the equator is always difficult and the quality reached is always modest. In Egypt traces of viniculture were found, tat were dated to 3000 BC. There are relieves and drawings that showing pharaohs and gods drinking wine. The quality classes were known back then too. However, today Egypt cannot show any quality wines.
The political situation in many countries in Africa make wine-production and especially export to western countries difficult.

The best and also most well known wines of Africa are made in the south of the continent.

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Wine (selected) from Wine country Africa
Hope Marguerite Chenin Blanc Barrel Reserve von Beaumont Wines
Soopjeshoogte von Welgemeend Estate
Chardonnay von Amani
Cabernet Sauvignon von Agusta Wines
Cabernet Sauvignon von Alto Estate

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