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Switzerland is a small "wineland", which has a wide variety of wine types and characters.
regions within Switzerland
Eastern SwitzerlandGeneva
Neuenburg, Freiburg, BernTicino
Waadt (Vaud)Wallis (Valais)
Even before the Romans wine was being cultivated in the Province of Tessin and in western Switzerland. The history of winemaking in Switzerland goes back to 3000 BC. Grape seeds were found from the Early Stone Ages. In the Dark Ages winemaking was promoted by monasteries, who expanded the growing area to over 95, 000 hectares. But then the winelouse causd a drastic reduction in area.
Today 15,000 hectares are used for growing wine, but only an insignificant amount (1%) is exported.

The Mountainous area with its varied ground structuring allows several types of wine to flourish. Mostly by river-valleys and near lakes, the winemaking region of Switzerland stretches over West-, East, and South Switzerland.

The percentage of white and red wines are almost the same (52% white, 48% red). The white vines are raised according to Chasselas, followed by Riesling x Sylvan (Müller-Thurgau). Important red wines are the Pinot Noir and the Gamay. In South Switzerland the Merlot dominates. Other vine-types are the Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Spice Traminer, as well as some Welsh. Eastern Switzerland has a few specialties, but those are only produced in small quantities.

The wine laws in Switzerland split the wines up into three categories.
Category 1: Wines that have their origin's name, the name of the vine is added;
Category 2: Wines that have their origin's name;
Category 3: Wines with the name "Vin Blanc" or "Vin Rouge".

Winery (selected) from Wine country Switzerland
Romain Papilloud
SA Château de Châtagnéréaz
Pierre-Alian Meyland
Roland Cruchon et Fils

Wine (selected) from Wine country Switzerland
Rompidèe Merlot del Ticino Vinifié en barrique von SA Chiodi vini Ascona
Rochettaz Pully Pinot Gamay von Commune de Pully
Les Cornalines Fendant Chamoson von Olivier Carruzzo
Carlo Eredi Tamborini Merlot del Ticino Vigna vecchia von SA Carlo Eredi Tamborini Vini
Gamay de Terre Neuve Saint-Prex von David Kind

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Wine, Food and the Good Life : Recipes Celebrating 50 Years of Family Winemaking
by Arlene Mueller, Richard M. Gold, Dorothy Indelicato

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